Email Autoresponders

Email autoresponders are email reply messages that are automatically sent when receiving a new email message for a specific email account. Email Autoresponders are generally used for an "On Vacation" or "Out of Office" generic reply message to inform the email sender that you are currently not available to attend to the email. You can have multiple email autoresponder on one email account and plain text or Rich HTML message is allowed in the email autoresponder, like composinga normal email message you can choose different character sets to setup the email autoresponders.

To add an email autoresponder:

  1. Click Autoresponders link in the Mail option in your Cpanel hosting account control panel.

  2. Click Add Autoresponder link.

  3. Enter the email account this email autoresponder is responding to in the Email text field.

  4. Enter your email address or name in the From text field. Note that it is not compulsary to fill up this field.

  5. Enter a subject for this email autoresponder message in the Subject text field.

  6. Choose a default character set for this email autoresponder message from the Character Set menu list if needed.

  7. Click HTML Message tick box if you are entering HTML in this email autoresponder.

  8. Write the body text for this email autoresponder in Body box text field. Please note that you can only use plain text in this text field and no HTML is allowed.

  9. Click Create button and this email autoresponder will be created.

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Editing an email autoresponder
Deleting an email autoresponder