Backup button Keeping a remote copy of your website backup is a good practice and should always be done regularly. The Backup option in your website hosting account control panel allows you to download the daily, weekly, or monthly backup file of your complete website backup, or just a section of your website such as a particular MySQL database, email aliases, or email filters backup file. These backup files allow you to quickly recover your website should there be an emergency server crash (nothe that this backup files are in standard compress format).

Backup frequency and schedule is decided by your web host, you can check with hosting support for more details.

Note: You should always keep a backup copy of your website and not completely rely on the backup provided by your web host. Keeping several different backups in different locations can save your world in case something really bad happen, periodically check the usability of these backups are also important, you don't want to find out all your backups are unusable when you need one to restore.

Note: A complete backup file includes everything in your website including web pages, images, scripts and access logs.

To download a backup file:

  1. Click Backup button on the website hosting account control panel.

  2. Choose either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly backup file to download the complete backup, or choose links below to download an MySQL database, Email Alias, or Email Filter backup file. Please also check Generating a backup if you need to first generate backup before download.

    Note: To download previously generated backups, click Generate/Download a Full Backup link, and click on any backup that is listed.

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  3. Save the file to your PC.

    Note for Windows users: The backup files are in standard unix compress .tar.gz format (a GZIP archive file that contains a TAR archive file). This is a common format used for backups on Unix servers, similar to the popular .zip that is commonly used in Windows. Most popular compression tools should be able to uncompress a .tar.gz format commpressed file.


Generating a backup
Restoring your website from a backup