Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board CPanel allows you to install a popular open source forum board named phpBB. The phpBB forum board is a popular open source PHP MySQL based forum board. Unlike email discussion list or newsgroup, the phpBB forum board allow users to post questions and receive replies all from their web browser. With results generated as HTML web pages, there are a lot more features that the forum board admin can configure and offer to the forum members, such as personalize signatures and smilie faces Smile. There are a lot more configuration options available and a forum board is highly customizable, from adding new sub-forums to changing the theme of the forum. For more details on phpBB, please visit the official phpBB website at http://www.phpbb.com/, there are a lot of info on how to make the forum board better.

Note: Please note that each installation of phpBB takes up several megabytes in your web hosting account and will grow in size as the forum gets popular, also note that each phpbb installation takes up one MySQL database as well.

To install a phpBB forum:

  1. Click Bulletin Board in your website hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter the folder name for the forum installation in the available field. Note that the folder must be on the top level (i.e. public_html/foldername/) of your website.

  3. Click on the Install and the phpbb installation script will run.

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