CGI EMail is a simple form-to-email script, it allows you to build a web form for your website visitors to enter data, the form data is then send to this CGI Email processing script and the script will then send the form data to the designated email account, this is handy for webmaster that requires email notifications for certain actions from website visitors, for example capturing and order from website, receive an order enquiry etc. There are some configuration required in order to successfully use the script.

Below are quick steps on implementing CGI EMail. A complete guide can be found at CGI user guide.

To configure CGI EMail:

  1. First, you are required to create a HTML web form for capturing needed data.

  2. Create an email template (a plain text file with .txt file extension), this email template is used to organize the result captured from the web form and that will be sent to the target email address.

  3. Upload the email template and the HTML web form to your website hosting account.

  4. Similar to changing file permission for other cgi script, you are required to change the file permission for these two scripts present in your cgi-bin folder, change both the file permissions on 'cgiecho' and 'cgie-mail' to 755, this will will allow both file to execute like other cgi script.

  5. You can now test the result with a browser. Please note that the 'cgiecho' script is used for testing online, result is shown in browser with no email sent.