Change Cpanel hosting account control panel Password

Change Password button Your domain hosting account password is the password sent to you (in the login info email) when you first signup for a hosting account, which allow you to login to your Cpanel hosting account control panel. It is always a good practice to change or rotate password occasionally to maximize security for your website hosting account. A frequently change password practice can minimize the risk of someone else access to your web hosting account without your permission.

To change password:

  1. Click Change Password button on the Cpanel control panel.

  2. Enter currently used password in Old Password text field.

  3. Enter a new password in both New Password and New Password (again) text fields, both of this has to match otherwise the system will reject the new password.

  4. After filling all required fields, click Change your password now! button and the new password is now active.

Note:Please follow the general unix password guideline (8 alpha-character and do not start with numeric, also common easily guessed password are not acceptable, password is case sensitive as well)

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