Configuring Spam Assassin

You can configure how you wish Spam Assassin to act when scanning messages. These are the configuration options available:

  • required_hits - Required count of email copies received before this email is considered spam and further copies will be marked spam.

  • rewrite_subject - When a message is consider spam, allow changing the message subject line of the spam message. Enter 1 to allow or 0 to disallow.

  • subject_tag - Custom text for the alteration of the subject line of email messages tag as spam. Please note that option rewrite_subject must be enabled for this custom subject rewrite to function.

  • blacklist_from - messages sent from this email addresses should always be tag as spam. The (*) wildcard is allowed.

  • whitelist_from - Email message from this email addresses is always good. Again, wildcard symbol (*) can be used.

To configure Spam Assassin

  1. Click Spam Assassin link in Mail option.

  2. Click Configure Spam Assassin button.

  3. Modify the options as needed.

  4. Click Save button to save the new configuration settings.

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