Disk Usage

Disk Usage button The Disk Usage Viewer in your domain hosting account control panel enables you to check current disk usage in your web hosting account. There are several different options available:

  • Show Parent Directories - Show usage of the parent folder as single items.

  • Show More Directory Depth - Show folders with one level deeper as single items.

  • Show Less Directory Depth - Show folders with one level higher as single items.

  • Show Top Level - Show the top level folder of the entire website.

  • Clear File Usage Cache - Remove all cached file usage information recalculates again.

  • Show Small Files - Show disk usage of small files.

  • Show File Size as bytes/Megabytes - Toggle file size display between bytes and megabytes.

Most of the above viewing options have a reverse option. For example, if Show Small Files is chosen, Hide Small Files is now displayed.

To access the Disk Usage Viewer screen, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Click Disk Usage button on the cpanel hosting account control panel.

  2. A screen with list of items and their web space usage is shown, organized by usage sizes in decending order. You can then click on the tabs aboth to view different presentation of disk usage of your website.

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