Email Forwarders

Email Forwards allow you to instruct the mailserver to forward email messages sent to one email account to another email account. This is handy when you need to work with a list of email accounts and prefer to centralize the email messages into few frequently access email accounts, or serve as auto CC copy of messages received into another backup email account for backup purposes.

To forward email messages from one email account to several other email accounts, just setup forwarders for each of the email account.

To setup a new email forwarder:

  1. Click Mail option in your Cpanel hosting account control panel and then click Forwarders link.

  2. Click Add Forwarder link.

  3. Enter the the forwarding email account in the first field.

  4. Select the domain name of the email account from the drop-down list.

  5. Enter the target email address in full in the second field.

  6. Click Add Forwarder button and the forwarder is added to the list.

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Delete an email forwarder