Horde web based email summary

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Horde web based email is a full featured online email application. The short summary below describes the main functional buttons in Horde web based email screen. Please take note that this is a short horde web based email application guide and not a full official documentation. For a complete horde documentation, you can check on the official website at Horde documentation page.

Horde email functions (seen at the top menu bar after login to horde screeen):

  • INBOX icon - List all your current mail messages in your inbox that has not yet been read, moved or deleted.

  • Compose icon - Compose a new email message. There are few other options in composing new email messages, such as select recipient from the saved contact email addresses in the address book, add attachments to the new email message, and include special characters in the composed email.

  • Folders icon - Categorized your email messages into different folders for better reading. You can create as many personal email folder as you wish.

  • Options icon - Lots of different options on how you would like Horde to do for you, this is a little technical and be cautious on what to choose. Please read each of the settings description carefully before selecting.

  • Search icon - Search for an email message in your folder. You can search by any field in the email like To, From, Subject and body, also you can search through any folder.

  • Help icon - The online Horde help guide. You can check through this help guide when you face difficulties in using Horde web based email application.

  • Addressbook icon - Save your contact email addresses. You can easily create new messages by clicking on the email address of that person you wish to send the email to.

  • Logout icon - Close and exit the Horde application session. You should always practice doing this when you have completed your Horde session for security purposes.

Additional Horde functions (at the bottom menu bar):

  • Calendar icon - An online calendar where you can enter and schedule events.

  • Memos icon - handy sticky notes for your reference.

  • Tasks icon - Create and organize your daily task lists.