HotLink Prevention

HotLink Prevention button Hotlinking is some bad webmaster build up their website web pages with links to pull images or multilmedia files from your website to be used in their web pages, visitors may be mislead as of who is copying who's content and that can cause serious damage to your company, other thing that mat cost you is the bandwidth you are paying for. Further reading on Hot Linking on this article.

CPanel has an option to help you block hotlinking and only allow specified websites (i.e your own domain name) to access files on your website.

To block hotlinking:

  1. Click HotLink Protection on your website hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter domain names that you allow access to your website in the center text box.

  3. Enter the file extensions that you wish to prevent hotlinking in the Extensions to allow field. insert a comma for each file extension to separate each other.

  4. Enter a URL to redirect to in case there is a hotlinking found in the Url to Redirect to field.

  5. Check Allow direct requests tick box if you giving direct URL access to non HTML files within your website, for example images or multimedia files.

  6. Click Activate to setup the hotlinking protection.

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Disabling hotlink protection