Index Manager

Index Manager icon By default, web server will show a folder listing if there is no default index file (i.e. index.htm) found in the particular folder when called. This can be a potential security issue as the rest of the files in the folder is exposed to the viewers web browser. The Index Manager allows you to control how you want the folder content (without a default index.htm) to appear on your website visitors' browserr, there are four different options:

  • Default System Setting - No changes to the display, the display follows what is set in the web server.

  • No Indexes - Disable the folder index listing.

  • Standard Indexing (text only) - The web browser receives a 403 (Forbidden) error when calling this folder. use this option if the folder do not contain image files.

  • Fancying Indexing (graphics) - 403 (Forbidden) error is sent to requesting web browser. if the folder contains image files, you should use this option.

To setup indexing option for a folder:

  1. Click Index Manager in website hosting account control panel.

  2. Go to the folder you wish to set the indexing option and click in.

  3. Select the radio button of your desired indexing option for this folder.

  4. Click Save to submit the new indexing option.

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