MIME Types

MIME Types button MIME types is a form of instruction set that inform your web browser what to do when acccessing a certain type of extensions. For example, the text/html MIME type is match to the file extension of htm, html, and shtml extensions generally on most web servers, and that the web browser these files as HTML files. General MIME types are added by default to the web server, You can add customized new MIME types for your own website if needed (The default MIME types already set in the web server is not removeble, you can only add additional MIME types specifically for your site). MIME types are generally used to add handlers to new internet accessing standards that is not yet added to the standard web server distributions. For example, when WAP technology was introduced, web servers do not yet have these extensions setup in their MIME type list, therefore web browsers being serve a WAP page does not have the information to properly process the page. By adding a customized MIME types into web servers, the information is passed to the web browsers on how to handle these file types, you are then able to view WAP pages on your wap browsers.

NOTE: Adding MIME types requires working technical knowledge of web server, you must be well verse with it and know what you are doing before atttempt to setup customized MIME types, otherwise you may risk your website being completely un accessible if the MIME types was not handled properly.

Note: Please do not get confused between MIME types and Apache handlers. In general, MIME types inform your browser on how to handle the type of files served, while Apache handlers instruc the web server what to do when processing certain types of files.

To add additional MIME type:

  1. Click MIME Types in website hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter the new additional MIME type in MIME Type field.

  3. Enter the file extension for this new MIME type in the Extension(s) field.

  4. Click Add to submit the new MIME type for inclusion to the web server MIME type list.

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Deleting a MIME type