Mail button The Mail option in Cpanel hosting account control panel allows you to manage your email related tasks, from setting new email accounts, managing mailing lists, adding email forwaders and setting up email spam filters. There are quite a list of email functions available and it takes some time for a beginner to pick up using them.

Note: All email functions can be setup and used simultaniously. For example, you could set up an email autoresponder on your master email account to politely send an "Out for vacation" message when you are not available to answer email at a particular time,o or setup an email forwarder to forward the email to your friend's email address where he is available to help you on urgent messages, and also setting up an email spam filter to reject all annoying email with them word "Loan" appearing in the email subject line. This flexibility and control is why email is so popular as a communication tool today.

To enter the Mail option:

  1. Click on the Mail button on the Cpanel hosting account control panel home page.

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Reading your email
Email Accounts
Setting your default email address
Email Filtering
Mailing Lists
Spam Assassin
Tracing an email address
Altering your Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) setting