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Manage OpenPGP keys button OpenPGP is an open source online communication encryption tool, which uses GnuPG standard for the public key encryption. In order to communicate securely, both parties (sending and receiving) gets a pair of keys (a public key and a private key), the public key is viewable and the private key is kept secret. Email messages are encrypted using the recipient's public key, the recipient will have to enter a matching private key to decrypt the email messages.

You can go through a more detail documentation and user guide at GNU Privacy Guard official website. Below a steps to generate public and private kepys through the website hosting account control panel.

To generate both public key and private key:

  1. Click Manage OpenPGP Keys in your domain hosting account control panel.

  2. Click Add Key to bring up the key information entry form.

  3. Enter your name, contact email and short name in Your Name, Your Email, and Comment/NickName fields respectively.

  4. Enter a password for this key in Key Password field.

  5. Enter an expiry date for this key in Expiry Date field. The character representation follows:

    • y = year

    • m = month

    • w = week

    • d = day

    Note: to have a key that will expire after 30 days, you would enter '30d' .

    When a key is expired, the recipient will not be able to use the key to decrypt the message even though it is a match, you will have to re-generate a new key and re-send the message with the new key in order to have the secure communication working again.

  6. Choose the key size of your choice Key Size field. The greater the key size, the more difficult the key to be hacked. Generally, 1024 bytes is sufficient.

  7. Click Generate Key. Tehe key generation process may take a while if larger key size was chosen.

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