PhpMyChat PhpMyChat is a simple chatroom script done in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store chat information. With a little different approach that conventional chatroom program that generally run as a service in the web server (and takes up a large portion of the server resources), PhpMyChat simply passes traffic through generic HTTP requests that does help reduce a little of the server resources overloading issue. However, the periodic refresh of the web browser screen to pickup latest changes upset people that do not prefer auto-refresh of web browser window. For details of the PhpMyChat script, please refer to the official website at PhpMyChat.

To install PhpMyChat:

  1. Click PhpMyChat in your Cpanel hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter the target folder in your hosting account your wish to install PhpMyChat in the available field. Please take note that this folder must be a top level folder (i.e. public_html/foldername/) on your website.

  3. Enter the desired chatroom administrator's username and password in the Admin Username and Admin Password fields accordingly, this login info is needed when you want to configure your chatroom later, so keep a note of it.

  4. Click on the Install and the PhpMyChat script will be installed in the folder specified and a new admin user with the given name and password is created in the chatroom.

  5. Click on the entry page link to go to the new chat room, you can login with the admin user given earlier and test the script now.