PostgreSQL database

PostgreSQL is an open source standard ANSI compliant SQL server and adatabase mamangement system similar MySQL, with a little different approach than MySQL in handling certain things, web developers are having mixed opinions as to which is better. Like MySQL, you can communicate with PostgreSQL many popular programming languages, including PHP, Perl, and Python.

Here are some good introduction to PostgreSQL :

NOTE: Some web hosting provider may not have PostgreSQL server offered if there is already a MySQL hosting server offerings.

To add a PostgreSQL database:

  1. Click PostgreSQL databases at the domain hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter the desired new database name in the Db text field.

  3. Click Add Db button to submit the request.

    Similar to MySQL, You are required to create minimum one database user and have the user granted access permission to the new database. Please check further for Creating a PostgreSQL user and Grant user access permissions to a PostgreSQL database to know more about the process.

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