Setup URL Redirects

URL Redirects The URL Redirects option in your Cpanel hosting account control panel allow you to reroute visitors to your website/ web page to another location. This is generally setup when a web page has been moved and you do not want visitors to your website following this URL found it missing, by setting the URL redirect, you can automatically forward visitors to this URL to the new destination.

To setup a URL redirect:

  1. Click Redirects in your domain hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter the the source web page URL that will be forwarded in the first field.

  3. Enter the target web page URL in the second field.

  4. Select desired redirect method in the drop down list:

    • Temporary - This signals requesting agents (i.e browsers, search engines, etc.) that the redirection is temporary, and that they should return to the original location again in future requests.

    • Permanent - This signals the requesting agents the web page has been permanently moved and that the future requests should be directed to the new URL.

  5. Click on the Add button.

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Removing a URL redirect