SSH Shell access

SSH Shell Access button SSH stands for Secure Shell access, which is a command prompt access (shell access) over an encrypted communications channel. There are several ways to establish a command prompt session on to your website hosting account. CPanel provides you with an browser based SSL Shell program that allows you to establish a command prompt session.

Note: If you are not familiar with Linux based shell commands you may not want to attempt anything in the shell, as it can create potential problem to the server or your hosting account if things are not done correctly. Please take note that command prompt access is turned off by default and is available upon request, this is to minimize the risk of hacking attempts as well as other potential damages caused by inexperience users.

Some useful links:

  • Complete List of Linux Commands - good Linux commands reference site.

  • MindTerm - an Open Source Java based SSH Shell program that is included in your CPanel hosting account control panel.

  • PuTTy - an excellent small SSH connection program for Window users, it is free and popular. highly recommended if you are frequently accessing the hosting account command prompt .

To establish SSH Shell through Cpanel:

  1. Click SSL Shell/Telnet shell access in your domain hosting account control panel.

    Note: Your web browser needs to have Java Applets enabled use this program.

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