Scripts Library

The Scripts Library offer one click installation of several popular open source program in your hosting account. Please note that the program versions of these open source program offered in the Scripts Library may not be the latest version available at the respective official website, and it is always a good practice to visit the official website of the program that you are using at your website, keep yourself updated with latest development and learn tips from others to enhance your website.

The following scripts are available:

  • osCommerce - A popular product cataloging system to build ecommerce shop. You can check for details and features of this program at the official website osCommerce.

  • PHPBB - open source forum board program, lots of contributed addons, rapid development and an ultra busy forum connecting phpbb users from all over the world sharing experience, tips and tricks. Official website phpbb official website is a must to visit if you are keen of building a great forum board.

  • PHP-Nuke - one of the popular open source content management system that is widely used among webmasters, it offers a user friendly user interface and great deal of contributed addons. Check out all of them at the official website PHP-Nuke.

To install the desired open source program:

  1. Click Scripts Library in your website hosting account control panel.

  2. Click the link to the program script of your choice.

  3. Follow the installation steps given by the selected program.