Enabling or disabling the Spam Box

Spam Box is separate mail folder named "spam" typically used by Spam Assassin for storing spam messages. If the Spam Box option is enabled, all email messages tag as spam by Spam Assassin are sent to this "spam" mail folder.

Note: You can use an IMAP email client (i.e. Horde) to check the Spam Box (please check Horde web based email client summary for more information on using the open source web based email program, Horde).

To enable or disable the Spam Box:

  1. Click Mail in your Cpanel hosting account control panel and then the link Spam Assassin.

  2. Click the link Enable Spam Box if you wish to use the "spam" folder or Disable Spam Box if you want the messages tag as spam to be delivered to each of their respective recipient mailboxes.

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