SquirrelMail Web Based Email summary

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SquirrelMail web based email is a fully functional email application suite. The buttons and description summary below explain the main functional options in SquirrelMail web based email. This is basic reference serve as quick guide, a more comoplete documentation can be found at the official website SquirrelMail Documentation page.

SquirrelMail main functions:

  • Compose - Write a new email message for sending out, you can select the recipient email address from the address book, attach a document in the new message, and setup an email digital signature.

  • Addresses - The address book for Storing important contact email addresses. The addresses are clickable which leads to compose new message screen with the selected email address placed in the recipient box.

  • Folders - Setup folders to organize your email messages, you can have as many different email folder as you want but recommened to keep a small number for better management.

  • Options - Configuration options of your SquirrelMail. Each option is has a description next to it and it is advised to carefully select the options, if you are not sure just leave it as default.

  • Search - Search function for locating an email message. Enter the keyword or key phrase and it will search through the folder for you.

  • Help - SquirrelMail online help. You can refer to this help section if you need any quick help.