Adding an FTP account

Adding an additional FTP account creates a subfolder below the public_html folder of your website hosting account, you can then release the password of this FTP account to your users to upload and download files from this subfolder. you can change the password forFTP accounts if it is being used incorrectly.

Note: Please take note that users with the correct FTP account and password is granted permission to add, edit, and delete files in the subfolder (and folders below it) that was specified for the FTP account.

To add an additional FTP account:

  1. Choose Ftp Manager option in your Cpanel control panel.

  2. Click FTP Accounts link.

  3. Click Add Account link.

  4. Enter the new FTP account name in Login field and password for this FTP account in the Password field.

  5. Enter the path to the folder in your hosting account this FTP account should access.

    Note: Be extra careful when entering the path, if you enter the top-level folder (i.e. '/') of your website, you are opening up your entire hosting account to this FTP account and anyone with this FTP account password can add, edit, and delete all files on your website. So, be extra careful on this and it is advisable to only allow access to a small area within your website to any additional FTP account.

  6. Click Create button an the new FTP account is created and active for use.

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