Agora Shopping Cart

Agora Shopping Cart icon There are lots of shopping cart system available on the internet, some are open source and some required license fee to use. Agora Shopping Cart is a one of a more complete open source shopping cart system included in the Cpanel, it can be installed easily through the control panel. For a complete list of features and official user documentation on using the shopping cart system, you can check out the official website at Agora website.

Setup Agora Shopping Cart in your hosting account:

  1. Click Agora Shopping Cart in domain hosting account control panel.

  2. Agora shopping cart has a admin screen for managing the shopping card, enter a desired shopping cart system administrators username and password respectively in Admin User and Admin Pass fields.

  3. There are some files to be installed in your hosting account during the setup process, enter a folder in your hosting account for storing the files in the third available field. Please note that this folder has to be a folder just one level below the 'public_html' folder (i.e. public_html/foldername).

  4. When everything is entered correctly, click Install to start the installation process.

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Modifying an Agora Shopping Cart