Java Clock

You can make use of the Java Clock script to setup real-time dynamic clock that you can display in your web pages.

To setup a Java clock:

  1. Click on the Clock in CGI Center in your cpanel hosting account control panel.

  2. Setup the proper time zone and display format for the clock in TimeZone and TimeFormat drop down lists.

  3. Select to show a border or not for the clock in the Border drop down list.

  4. Select to have the date shown or not in the Show Date drop down list.

  5. Change the clock display color and background color in the Foreground Color and Background Color drop down lists.

  6. Click Make HTML when done, this will show a preview of the clock and the HTML code that make it work.

    Click to display image
  7. If you are satisfied with the clock, copy the HTML code and paste into your web page.

  8. Upload new web page and test browsing the results.