Counter Maker

You can make use of this Counter Maker script to create three different counting features that you can put in your web pages:

  • Counter

  • Clock

  • Date


This is a simple web page hits counter, you can insert this counter in your web pages and visitors will have an idea of how popular this web page is.


This shows a basic clock of the current time of the set time zone. When the web page is refresh/reloaded, the clock script will pickup a new current time again, it will not auto count by itself.

If you want to have a auto ticked clock displayed in your web page , ther is another clock script available Java clock, which will displays the time dynamically without the need to refresh/reload the web page , it is just like a digital watch stick in your web page. However, not all web browser support Java, so the clock might or might not bee seen depending on the browsers your website visitors are using.


This is a simple yet flexible date display script that can be customized to show the date in several different formats.

All of the three above can be customized as needed. You can do the following:

  • Change the display style, there is a list of styles to choose from.

  • Change the colors in the selected style if you want to.

  • Choose the display frame border thickness and the border color.

  • Change the display time and date formats.

  • Preview the changed item before saving the new changes.

Steps to setup a counter, clock or date:

  1. Click Counter link in the CGI Center option in your web page hosting account control panel.

  2. Select the desired option by clicking Counter, Clock, or Date radio button.

  3. If you are setting up a clock, select the appropriate time zone and display format options in the TimeZone and TimeFormat drop down lists.

  4. If you are setting up a date display, select the desired date format display in the Date Format field. M = Month, D = Day, and Y = Year.

    For example: If you have selected the MMDDYY format, the date of 25th of December, 2003 will be displayed as 12-25-2003. If DDMMYY format option is selected, the same date would be shown as 25-12-2003.

  5. Set a number representing the border thickness in the Frame Thickness field. Zero - no border around the item and larger nuber increases the border thickness.

  6. Set the maximum digits to be shown for your counter.

  7. Select a desired style from the Style drop down list. You can preview the style example of each style by clicking the See Styles link.

  8. Enter the color of the border (red, green, and blue values) in the Frame Color fields. You can preview the color set by clicking on the Preview button.

  9. Enter the counter name in the Counter Name field. Please note that each item name must be unique.

  10. Click Preview to preview the final look of the item before saving.

    Click to display image
  11. Click on the Make HTML button to create the HTML code that you can cut and paste into your HTML page where you want it.

  12. Upload your new HTML page to see how it works.


Resetting a counter