CPanel themes

Cpanel Themes are the graphical skin of the CPanel hosting account control panel . CPanel has many pre-installed themes and is default to one standard theme:

  • CPanel X, it has a front page panel that lists out all of the available hosting account control functions. This Cpanel X theme uses quite a lot of graphics and it takes a while to load on a slow internet connection.

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Your website hosting provider may allow you to change between different cpanel themes or restrict to just the standard theme. This cpanel guide is written using the CPanel X theme as a reference.

There are many hosting providers that offers a customize version of their own Cpanel themes, it can be a simple change of the font type and different background color or a more complex customization like rearranging the entire CPanel theme layout. You may have difficulties finding needed information quickly in this guide if you are using a heavily customized CPanel theme - you may need to refer back to your hosting provider for help.