Creating a new file

If you are in a hurry and just need to create a small file in your hosting account, instead of opening up a notepad in your PC, write down the text, save it and then open up your FTP client to connect and upload the file to your domain hosting account, you can just quickly create the file and save it to your hosting account through the File Manager. You can create text files like HTML web page, PHP script or plain text file with the File Manager without problem, but it is not possible to create binary files through File Manager.

Steps to create new file:

  1. Login to your Cpanel hosting account control panel, open up File Manager and click into the folder where you want to create the new text file.

  2. Click Create New File link shown in the File Manager window when your are in the target folder.

  3. Enter the new file name in the field shown at top right corner. Please take note that you must include the file extension in the new file name as well (i.e. enter '' for perl script, enter 'script.htm' for HTML file etc.), this is important for the web server to determine the proper processing option for the file when it is requested.

  4. Choose the appropriate document type from the drop down list. Please note that each of the file type insert some required information into the new text file, usually at the top of the page:

    • Text Document - Nothing is added to the file.

    • HTML Document - Nothing is added to the file.

    • Perl Script - Insert the path to Perl executable in the first line of the new file, this is required by every perl script otherwise the script will not execute properly. Different server platform may have different path, you may want to double check if it is correctly entered for your server type.

    • Shell Script - Similar to perl scripts, shell script requires a path to the shell executable to be present in the first line of the file, this option insert the path to the Shell executable as required. Please check to ensure it is correctly set for your system.

  5. Click Create to create the new file. For further info on modifying the file, please refer to Editing a file to add or edit text to this newly created file.

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