Create PostgreSQL database user

Similar to setting up MySQL database access, you are required to create a PostgreSQL database user and grant access permission for this user to the newly created PostgreSQL database, without a database user setup and granted access, connection request to the PstgreSQL database will be denied. Please also note that creating a PostgreSQL database user does not automatically granted acecss for the newly created user to any database in the server, you will have to manually grant access permission for this user to database(s) accordingly. Please check Grant user acess permissions to a PostgreSQL database for more information on setting up access permissions for database users.

To create PostgreSQL database user:

  1. Click into PostgreSQL databases option in your domain hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter the new database user name in UserName text field and password in Password text field.

  3. Click Add User button to add the new user to the PostgreSQL database server.

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Removing a user