Email Accounts setup

You can setup POP email accounts as you need up to the maximum limit given for your account. Each of the email address is in the universal email format of Your email accounts can be access through web mail like Horde or through your own offline email such as Outlook Express.

To add an email account:

  1. Click on the Add/Remove Accounts link in the Mail option of your Cpanel hosting account control panel.

  2. Click on the Add Account link.

  3. Enter the first part of the email account (i.e. abc of and the password for this email account in Email and Password fields.

  4. Enter the storage allowance for this mailbox in the Quota field if you wish to limit the account storage, leaving the field empty means the mailbox size is only limited by the entire hosting account web space limit.

  5. Click on the Create button.

  6. The process comples and your new email account is now setup. Please check Configuring Outlook Express if you are using Outlook Express as email client.

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