Entropy Banner Script

The Entropy Banner script is a banner advertising management script that you can use to generate income from your website through offerring banner advertisement, You can upload banner image files and delete unwanted banner images files, set banner display priorities, and point each banner image to a target website URL.

To setup Entropy Banner:

  1. Click Entropy Banner in CGI Center of your website hosting account control panel.

  2. Copy the HTML tag displayed on screen and paste it into your web page where your want the banner to be displayed.

  3. You will need to change the web page extension of the file where the tag is placed from .htm or .html to .shtml. The given tag is a SSL code (Server Side Includes) and default file extension recognized by web server to parse SSI codes is .shtml.

  4. Click Add Banner(s) to begin adding banner images to the Entropy banner system.

  5. Locate banner images from your PC that you want to upload using the Browse... buttons.

  6. Check Overwrite existing files tick box if needed.

  7. When finished selecting files, click Upload to upload the banner images to your web page hosting account.

  8. You can change priority to display for the banner images, or if setting display priority is not a concern at the moment, you can proceeed on upload the web page with the tag included and test it in your browser window to see the result.

  9. If you need to setup banner display priority, click Modify Rotation.

  10. Choose one of the option High, Medium, or Low for each of the banner as required, and then click Save to save the new settings.

  11. Specify the target website URL for each banner image in Linked to field, click Save to save the update.

  12. Your entropy banner system is now ready for action. Remember to upload the web page tha you have inserted the tag earlier to your hosting account, otherwise you may not be able to view the banner when testing the script.


Uploading new banners
Modifying the rotation and URLs of banners