Entropy Search

When a website grow larger as more documents and web pages are added, you may want to include a search function in your website to help your visitors quickly find the web page they wanted. There are many site search engines available, including of those free programs from the major search engines like google, Yahoo, MSN which offer results of the website that is present in their index. Cpanel has included a basicl and simple site search script that allow you to quickly add a search feature to your website.

Warning: This script only searches ASCII or plain text files on your site. For example, HTML web pages, PERL script, plain text document files etc, the script is not able to search binary files, for example graphic images, executable programs, compressed files, pdfs etc. . Please do take note that the search script is not able to distinguish sensitive info present in your web pages, it is your responsible to keep sensitive data away from the site searches. In a general practice, sensitve data should not be stored in a publicly access area without any encryption.

To implement Entropy site search:

  1. Click Rebuild Search Index in Entropy Search option in the CGI Center of your website hosting account control panel. This will instruct Entropy to create an index file that contains information of your site that will be used in the searches.

  2. Click Back button on your web browser and click Setup Search Engine link.

  3. Copy the HTML code displayed on screen and paste it into your web page that you want to have the search option.

  4. Enter somthing to search for in Search Query field to test the result.

    Upload the web page to your hosting account and the site search is ready for action. For further customization of the display to match your website theme, you can check out Editing the search engine template.

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Editing the search engine template
Rebuilding the search index