File Manager

File Manager button The File Manager option is a full web based file management application that allows you to manage your site through any web browser. You can perform file upload, create new files or delete unwanted files, arrange files into different folders and change file acccess rights. File Manager gives you all the needed basic file handling functions to manage files and folders in your website hosting account.

Note: Topics below assume that you are in File Manager.

To open up File Manager:

  1. Click File Manager button in your domain hosting account control panel.

  2. You can move around in File Manager by using the following:

    • Click on a folder icon next to the folder name to open up the folder.

    • Move up one level from current folder by clicking the Up one level link.

    • Use the links in the path shown at the top of the window to move between folders in the path.

    • click a folder name to view or modify its properties.


Creating a new folder
Uploading files in File Manager
Creating a new file
Editing a file
Editing a file using an HTML Editor (IE6 only)
Renaming a file or folder
Changing file/folder permissions
Deleting a file or folder
Restoring an item from the Trash
Emptying the Trash