Generating a backup

You can manually generate backup at any time. This is useful if you have just made some important changes online and it is important to keep a backup copy of these changes. You can of course wait for the server generated routine backup (usually daily or weekly) before downloading the backup.

To generate a backup:

  1. Click Backupin your website hosting account control panel.

  2. Click the option Generate/Download a Full Backup.

  3. Select the location for storing the generated backup from the Backup Destination drop down list. You can choose the following locations:

    • Home Directory - Save the generated backup file in the public_html level of your website.

    • Remote Ftp Server - Save the generated backup file on to a given remote FTP server.

    • Remote Ftp Server (passive mode transfer) - Save the generated backup file to a remote FTP server that accept only passive (PASV) mode FTP transfer. Please check with your hosting provider or the remote FTP server admin if you are not sure of the mode of transfer.

  4. Enter your email address in the Email Address field. An email notice will be sent to this address when the backup has completed.

  5. Enter the FTP server address, username, and password for login to the remote FTP server in the Remote Server, Remote User, and Remote Password fields if you choose to save the generated backup file to a remote location.

  6. Click Generate Backup button to start the process, when backup is generated and ready download an email will be sent to the email address given above.

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