Grant access permissions for a MySQL user to a MySQL database

After you have created a MySQL database user, you need to grant access permission for this new MYSQL database user to the MySQL database you allow this user to access. For creating new MySQL databasse user, please refer to Creating a MySQL database user for details. If you have created the MySQL user but have not granted access of this user to the database, MySQL hosting server will reject the connection request even though you have provided a correct password. Please note that if you have several MySQL databases, you will need to grant user access for each database to a MySQL user, just remember that without access granted to a database, no user is able to access the database except the MySQL server admin.

To grant MySQL user access permissions to a MySQL database:

  1. Click MySQL databases button on your website hosting account control panel.

  2. Select the MySQL user from the User drop down list and choose the desired MySQL database to grant access permissions from the Db drop down list.

  3. Click Add User to Db button and the MySQL user is now granted access permission to use that MySQL database, several sample connection strings are provided at the top of the MySQL screen.

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Removing a user's permissions