This is a simple HTML guestbook script that allows you to quickly offer a guestbook for your website visitors. The appearance of the guestbook can be changed, as well as offering an admin screen to view and manage guestbook entries.

Note: Other than this simple HTML guestbook script, there is a more advanced guestbook script available with many more features. However, the advanced guestbook requires slightly more time to setup, as well as some basic MySQL knowledge.

To create a simple guestbook:

  1. Click Simple Guestbook in the CGI Center of your cpanel hosting account control panel.

  2. Copy the HTML code displayed at the bottom of the web page and paste it into your web page. You can modify the appearance of the form to fit your website theme.

    Upload the web page after inserting the HTML code and you can start testing from your browser now. For details on managing the guestbook, please refer to Modifying the guestbook template if you need to customize the appearance of the guestbook.

  3. Upload the finished HTML page to test the script.


Modifying the guestbook template
Viewing the guestbook
Managing the guestbook