Java Count Down/Up Maker

This script creates a Java count down/up display, starting at a particular time.

Note: This Java applet is easy to use, but has limited customizable options and not very well displayed. Please use the script with these limitations in mind.

To setup the Java Count Down/Up Maker

  1. Click Countdown in CGI Center in website hosting account control panel.

  2. Set the time zone for the count down/up clock in the TimeZone drop down list.

  3. Specify the date that you are counting down or up by selecting each number in the Month, Hour, Day, and Year drop down lists.

  4. Click Make HTML to preview and generate the HTML code for the countdown.

    Click to display image
  5. Copy the generated HTML code and paste it to your web page.

  6. Upload the new web page and check the result on browser.