Changing MX Record Entry

Delivery of email messages are generally handled by the mailserver wher your website hosting account resides. However, you can opt. to have another mailserver of your choice to handle emails for your domain, this is done by changing the MX record entry in your domain zone file to point it to your designated mailserver.

Note: After changing MX entry of your domain, you will not be able to handle any mail related functions through your CPanel hosting account control panel and you will need to manage all email related functions at the designated mailserver for this particular domain. A word of advice, you should not change MX record entry for your domain unless you are confident of properly setting it up and managing it at the designated server, otherwise you will have problem sending and receiving emails for this particular domain.

To change MX record for your domain:

  1. Click Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) link in Cpanel Mail option.

  2. Click Change an MX Entry link.

  3. Enter the domain name of the new designated MX record in the text field.

    Note: You can only enter a domain name (i.e. and not an IP address.

  4. Click Change button and the new MX record is saved and active, make sure the designated server is properly configured to accept and handle email messages for this domain.

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