Setup Mailing Lists

Mailman is a popular open source mailing list program. What is mailing list ? Mailing list is a powerful tool for online interaction and forming member group of similar interests. Mailman is highly configurable with lots of configurable options, such as list member management, mailing lists sending options, new member welcoming message etc..

There is a comprehensive Mailman documentation next to every option in the Mailman Administration panel, and should be handy and self-explained when setting up mailing list. The simple guide below shows the steps on setting up a new mailing list, modiying it and removing unwanted mailing list through the Cpanel hosting account control panel. The official Mailman documentation is at Mailman official website.

Note: You should be aware of email spamming before setting up a mailing list, please check Setup Email Filters.

To setup a new mailing list:

  1. Click Mailing Lists link in the Mail option.

  2. Click Add Mailing List link.

  3. Enter a desired name for this mailing list in the List Name text field and a password for this mailing list in the Password text field, then select the domain name for this mailing list from the Domain drop down list.

  4. When everything is entered correctly, click Create button to create the list, mailing list is not stoerd in your local folder but in a common folder in server /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/lists folder.

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Modify mailing list
Delete mailing list