Modifying banner rotation and pointing URL

Modify banner rotation priorities and the target pointing URLs as well as removing obsolete banners from the Entropy banner system can all be done in just one admin screen.

To modify banner rotation priority or delete unwanted banner image:

  1. Click Entropy Banner in CGI Center of your domain hosting account control panel.

  2. Click Modify Rotation option show on screen.

  3. If a banner image is no longer needed, click Delete button next to the banner image. Please note that you will not be able to rearrange the rotating sequence of the banners, you can only delete and re-upload the banners in the order you wanted.

  4. Select the display frequency of each banner image by selecting High, Medium, or Low for each banner, when you have completed setting the baner display priorities, click Save to save the new settings to the banner system.

  5. Set the target pointing URL for each banner image in the respective image Linked to field, and then click Save to save the update.