Network Tools

Network Tools button There are two useful network diagnostic tools avaiable in the Network Tools option, these tools are handy for checking network traffic issues as well as domain registration info:

  • Domain Lookup - Every domain name has a current registered owner, this tool allow you to check the WHOIS info of a particular domain, which prints out the current domain owner, technical contact etc..

  • Trace Route - When you are not able to access a particular website but notice other friends are able to access it, there may be traffic issue between the requesting PC to the web server, a trace route will print out the route info as well as response time on each hop, this info is useful for network traffic troubleshooting.

Please note that the above tools are just basic tools and it may not be suffficient for advanced users, there are many websites you can find on the internet that offiers much more feature rich network diagnostic tools, is one of the popular website that offers lots of different diagnostic tools.


Domain Lookup
Trace Route