Parked Domains

Domain Pointers button You can setup two or more domain names pointing to a same set of web pages (i.e. and both pointing to the same index.htm), this is done by "parking" domain onto domain

Another Example: Your have two business domain name and You have hired a web designer to build a beautiful website for one of your domain www.mygood, but you have run out of budget to pay for a second website for your other domain at the moment, and you need to use the email accounts on this domain and you don't want people to see a bunch of ads shown by your domain registrar when your potential clients enter in their browser. What should you do ? setup as parked domain ! By parking on top of, all URLs requests for will automatically go to, this way your potential clients can still get contact info on the web page of to reach you.

To park a domain name:

  1. Click Parked Domains button in your domain hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter the new domain name that you wish to park on the master domain name of this hosting account New Domain Name field.

  3. Click Add button and the parking is done.

NOTE: Please ensure the nameserver record for the new domain is changed and resolved to this server before attempt to setup parked domain, otherwise server will reject the parking request

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Deleting a parked domain