Random HTML

This simple Random HTML script enable you to place random text in your web pages. This is similar to those website you notice that is offering daily quotes, helpful hints, daily tips, random jokes etc, Fresh random content can attract visitors to come back often.

To install Random HTML script:

  1. Click Random HTML in the CGI Center of your web page hosting account control panel.

  2. Enter list of random text you want to offer your website visitors in the box, be sure to hit ENTER to separate each line of text. Pleasne note that you can not have more than one paragraph in one random text, as the script will treat each paragraph as a new piece of random text.

  3. Copy the HTML tag shown at the top of the web page and pate it into the web page that you want to show this random text.

  4. Pleasne remember to change your web page extension from .htm or .html to .shtml. This is the default file extension for running SSI (Server Side Includes), which is the piece of HTML code you have just paste in your web page.

  5. Click Save to save the changes.

  6. Upload the web page to your hosting account and test calling the web page from a browser.