Reading your e-mail

Web Mail button You can read and check your email messages online using web based email reader NeoMail, Horde, or SquirrelMail. These popular web based email applications allow you to read your email, compose new email messages, save and send them, keep all your contact email addresses in an address book, and perform other daily basic email functions that you need. The main difference between a web based email application and an offline email client, such as the popular Eudora email client, Thunderbird email suite or Microsoft Outlook Express, is that all of these email functions are performed online through a generic web browser of any PC conntected to the internet, rather than tying to the email client installed in your own computer, and offline email client generally offer more features than a web based email application.

Web mail is optional and may not fit everybody. You can still use your preferred offline email client, if you prefer not to use the web mail. You can use both - you can check your email online through web based email when you're at work, and later download your email messages to your own computer when you get home after work. You can also automatically configure your email client Outlook Express, or manually configure other email client to read and check your email messages offline.

To read your email online:

  1. Click on the Web Mail link in the Mail option screen to access your default email account, or you can click on the Add/Remove accounts link and then click on the Read Webmail button next to the email account that you want to read and check email messages.

    Note: You can also save this web mail link as a bookmark, so that you can access it without login to CPanel hosting account control panel.

  2. Click on one of the web based email application.

  3. You are then presented with the web mail window for your default email address. Please check the following links for more information on the web mail application you are using:


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