Website URL Search Engine Submit tool

Search Engine Submit tool There is a small utility in your domain hosting account control panel allowing you to submit your website details to several search engines at one time. An important note:

  • This is not a guaranteed way of registering your website to various search engines, especially the major search engines like MSN, Google, Yahoo and other second tier search engines , which some may required a registration fee and the registration process may have changed. Therefore, it is always recommended to visit each major search engine and follow the registration process to submit your website manually to the engine.

  • Each search engine may require different time frame to process your submission and it can take several weeks to months before seeing your website on the search engine results.

  • It is also an important note to not submit your website to the same search engine multiple times within short period of time, as this may caused the search engine to ban your listing in their result.

To use the utility to submit your website to search engines:

  1. Click on the Search Engine Submit in your website hosting account control panel .

  2. Check the tick boxes beside the search engines that you are submitting to.

  3. Enter your website URL in the URL field and contact email in the Email field.

  4. Enter a short description describing your website in the Comments field.

  5. Enter primary keywords and key phrases best describe your website in the Keywords field. These keywards can help search engines index and categorise your website better. Remember to separate each keyword with a comma.

  6. Select the primary language of your website in the Language drop-down list as well as the country of origin of the website from the Country drop down list.

  7. Choose the best category that fits your website from the Category drop down list.

  8. Click on the Submit button to submit the website to the selected search engines.

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