Setting Anonymous FTP access

Anonymous FTP access open up a public area public_ftp folder in your hosting account for public access, visitors uses a 'guest' login user that requires no password to login to the public area. There are two access options available:

  • Allow anonymous access to - This is a close to full access option that allows anonymous users to view files, download files, and delete files from your public_ftp folder, take note that 'guest' users are not allowed to upload files to this public folder, those files in the public_ftp are placed by the hosting account admin.

  • Allow anonymous upload to - This option open up full access to guest login (view, upload, download, and delete files) from your public_ftp/incoming folder.

Note: Anonymous FTP access allow anybody to access to a restricted folder in your web hosting account. Therefore, it is generally safest to not enable Anonymous FTP if you are not entirely sure of this feature. If you do enable it, you should regularly monitor the usage of this public_ftp access to ensure it is being used wisely and not violating any AUP of your website hosting provider.

To setup Anonymous FTP access:

  1. Click Ftp Manager button on the domain hosting account control panel.

  2. Click Anonymous FTP Controls option.

  3. Click either the option Allow anonymous access to tick box or the Allow anonymous upload to tick box. Please take note that you have to click on both tick boxes in order to enable uploads.

  4. Click Save Settings button to enable.

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Removing Anonymous FTP access