Setting default email account

All email messages sent to non-existing email accounts at your domain name (i.e., will be automatically directed to the default email account set for the domain name, this default email account is also known as the catch-all email account. Default email account in all website hosting accounts are by default set to the hosting account login username (i.e., you can change default email account of domain names setup in your hosting account if you want to.

To setup or change your default email account:

  1. Click Default Address option in the Mail option of your Cpanel hosting account control panel.

  2. Click Set Default Address link.

  3. Select domain name that you want to setup or modify default email address from the domain name drop down box.

  4. Enter a complete email address in the text field beside your website domain name drop down list.

    Note: There are two special options available, you can enter :blackhole: as default email address and this will discard all incoming mail that is being send to the default catch all email account. Alternatively, you can enter :fail: no such address here to instruct mailserver to bounce the email back to the sender if it is sent to an unknown email address of your domain.

    Note: The :fail: option is recommended option over :blackhole: for helping to reduce mail server load while processing messages for you.

  5. Click Change button after entering the desired email address and the new default email address is then recognized by the system.

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