Simple CGI Wrappper

Note: we have implemented suexec module and all CGI scripts are now run in their respective userIDs in server job queue. CGI wrapper is no longer necessary.

The CGI Wrap script creates a special scgi-bin folder in public_html folder along side of 'cgi-bin' folder of your website hosting account control panel. The implemetation of CGI wrapper allows you to run CGI scripts with your own userID in server job queue.

The advantage over this implementation is that scripts running with your own userID will have the same permissions that you do, you can write, edit, and delete files as you normally do with files of your own, this is particular useful when you need to deal with new file/folder creation/deletion, in this case, you only need minimum permissions set for this newly created files/folders as well as accessing scripts are all under your userID. In a regular cgi-bin folder (NOTE: prior to the suexec module implementation, scripts are run under 'nobody' userID), you can only do this if you set your files and folder permissions to 777 (world access) and file permissions to 666 in order for your script to access them, with these permissions set, it is quite dangerous as anyone or any scripts can modify these files/folders.

However, scripts running in the scgi-bin (running under your own userID) folder are secured, you have less headache to deal with.

Be sure to read the CGI Wrapper guide for detail information about CGI Wrapper.

If you are interested to know more of the technical side of the wrapper implementation, please check this article.

To install the Simple CGI Wrapper:

  1. Click Simple CGI Wrapper in the CGI Center option in your domain hosting account control panel.

    Your scgi-bin folder has now been set up. All cgi scripts that you would like to run under your own user ID should be placed in this folder.