Uninstalling Frontpage Extensions

If you are getting connection errors while trying to publish your website using Frontpage, it is likely that the Frontpage Extension installed in your web hosting account is corrupted, you can first attempt to uninstall and then reinstall Frontpage Extensions in your hosting account to see if that helps resolving the publishing error. If you are still having trouble after the reinstalling process, you may want to submit a support request at your website hosting provider.

Note: This uninstalling process will also remove password protection on any protected folders. Please check Password protect directories for more information about reapplying password protection. However, in order not to confuse Frontpage too much, it is best recommended to apply password protected folders through the Frontpage program instead of going through Cpanel. You can setup subwebs in your Frontpage and then apply user access to it through Frantpage Users and Roles, please check your Frontpage reference book for further instructions on getting this setup.

To uninstall Frontpage Extensions:

  1. Click on the Setup Frontpage Extensions in Cpanel hosting account control panel.

  2. Click on the Uninstall Extensions button.

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