Uploading files in File Manager

You can use the handy File Manager to upload files from your PC to your website hosting account, maximum files per upload session is 12 files. Although File Manager ca do pretty much same uploading task as a FTP client, FTP client offer much more features and there is no uploading limit, File Manager is more of a quick one file editing or upload tool. For info on FTP, you can refer to the FTP Manager for details for setting up FTP accounts.

To upload files in File Manager:

  1. Navigate to the target folder where files are to be uploaded.

  2. Click Upload file(s) link.

  3. Click Browse... button and a window is opened with your local PC files shown.

  4. Locate the files in your PC to be uploaded and double-click to register the file to the uploading list.

  5. Repeat the process for the rest of the file you want to upload.

  6. Check the Overwrite existing files tick box if you want the uploaded files to overwrite the same file name appearing in your web hosting account folder.

  7. Click Upload button when you have completed the file selection process. The uploading status will appear in the top-right corner of your window as soon as the upload process starts. After the uploading process completed, screen is refreshed and new files are shown in the window.

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