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b2evolution blog Tutorial

b2evolution has a list of languages you can select when you first install the program, if for some reason your local language is not listed in the list, you can try look for it at the official language packs repository.

To install a b2evolution language pack, please follow steps below :-

  1. Download the language pack from the official language packs repository, please note that you have to select the version that matches your current b2evolution version
  2. uncompress the file and upload it to your hosting account, place the file in the locales folder in your b2evolution program folder
  3. Login to your b2evolution administration screen and browse to Apps Settings > Regional
  4. click create locale at the bottom of the screen and read the instructions, fill in the empty fields and be sure to point the path to the correct path to the language file just uploaded, if you are unsure of what to fill in to each file, try Edit one of the already enabled locale language in the listing to see how they are filled in
  5. After creating the new locale, checked the Enabled box next to the new language name in the listing
  6. Select the new language as the default language from the Default Locale drop down menu
  7. Done